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¡¡¡¡The two-day "team spirit and excellent team building" training ,I never forget, this is my life's a valuable asset. During this time, I am happy, moved, learned a lot of things, and also improve a lot. Here I would like to thank the leadership of Hottech provides us with the opportunity to attend this training. Thanks for the teachers, special thanks to our partners who accompany me through spiritual growth journey!

(Mr Xu speech)

( General manager Mr Chen Speech)

¡¡¡¡At the beginning, I thought this training will be the same like before, just some theory. The fact proves that I am wrong. This is a very interested training, not only teach us the theory but also setting some games to let us feeling.

(Game before classes)



(Mr Ban made a mistake, all the other team member were fined)

(Select team leader)

( Barrel theory)

How much water the barrel can be filled? It isn¡¯t depends on the longest board but the shortest one. Team building like this barrel. If teamwork is a problem, as the gap between wood and wood, like a barrel full of water will drain away.So we must learn from others' strong points and close the gap.


Through this training, I learned that I should keep calm and think deeply when problem happened. I believe that through our efforts to learning, constantly overcome difficulties then we are able to get much progress.